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The following is the list of councillors for the 2016-17 academic year. If you have concerns regarding an issue, please contact the appropriate councillor for your constituency, e.g. Management representative if you are a Management student.

If you have questions about this list, please email




Chair Mitch Brown
Secretary Julia Guk
President Kathleen Reid
Vice-President (Academic and External) Amina Abawajy
Vice-President (Finance and Operations) Dylan Ryan
Vice-President (Student Life) Kelsey Keddy
Vice-President (Internal) Rhiannon Makohoniuk
Board of Governors Representative Bart Soroka
Board of Governors Representative Kati George-Jim
Aboriginal Students Community Aaron Prosper
Black Students Community Noreen Mabiza
International Students Community Reza Rahimi
LGBTQ Students Community Bart Soroka
Residence Students Community Mitchell Kilgour
Students with Disabiilities Community vacant  
Women Students Community Katie Douglas
Faculty of Agriculture Cassie Martel
Faculty of Architecture and Planning Aaron Sheppard
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Alex Hughes
Faculty of Computer Science Emma Sylvester
Faculty of Dentistry Ivit Yakub
Faculty of Engineering Daniel Tremblay
Faculty of Graduate Students Ali Cherom Kheirabadi
Faculty of Health Professions vacant  
Faculty of Law Michael Coady
Faculty of Management Mackenzie Goodwin
Faculty of Medicine Mary Purcell Mary.Purcell@Dal.Ca
Faculty of Science Shauna Bulman