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 The five executive members are responsible for the daily operations of the building and services. They are overseen by a council comprised of 33 voting members.

The executive may each post their office hours, although these may change due to meetings that come up in the course of business. It is best to book appointments in advance to ensure the executive are free and available when you wish to see them. You may leave a message with the front desk staff for the council offices by visiting the DSU office, emailing or phoning 494-1106.


Kathleen Ried      (902) 494-1277

Dan is the chief spokesperson for the DSU. Dan sits on the University Board of Governors and the University Senate. He also oversees all day-to-day operations of the Union and writes much of the DSU’s policy.


Vice President (Internal)

Rhiannon Makohoniuk          (902) 494-1276

Kaitlynne is the Chief Communications Officer of the DSU. She facilitates all of the Union’s societies, oversees all student communications - including official correspondence  and the DSU’s website. Kaitlynne also organizes the DSU’s annual Impact Awards ceremony and chairs several committees, including the Student Accessibility Fund, Sexton Campus Advisory, Communications and Awareness, Grants and Society Review. 


Vice President (Finance and Operations)

Dylan Ryan          (902) 494-1278

Mahbubur is the Chief Financial and Operations Officer of the Union. He oversees all of the DSU’s finances and arranges payment for day-to-day operations and full-time staff. Mahbubur audits the books of levied societies and is responsible for writing the DSU’s yearly budget. He also chairs various committees, including the Board of Operations and the Nominating Committee. Mahbubur also oversees many operational aspects of the Union including, Tiger Patrol. 


Vice President (Academic and External)

Amina Abawajy          (902) 494-1275

John advocates and informs students about academic issues, including concerns of intellectual integrity. John also sits on the University Senate, representing students via various university committees and through municipal, provincial, and federal lobby efforts. John is responsible for the Union’s external and academic policies and chairs the Academic and External Affairs Committee.


Vice President (Student Life)

Kelsey Keddy      (902) 494-1281

Kathleen facilitates activities that aim to increase student spirit on campus including, Orientation Week, the Impact Awards, DalFest, Winter Carnival, the Residence Hockey Game, and various other DSU sponsored activities. Kathleen is also responsible for promoting varsity athletics on campus, chairs a number of event related committees and oversees the activities of the Shinerama Director.