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Meet the Team

Meet the Team! 

Orientation Week is Dalhousie’s way of welcoming you, our newest students, to campus and to the beautiful city of Halifax! O Week is a jam-packed week – September 3 to September 9. We’ve planned our schedule to maximize your ability to meet new people, get to know the campus and community, show your Dalhousie spirit and pride, and have a blast!

We’re anticipating over 1800 students will register for Orientation Week this year, and we have almost 250 leaders ready to greet you, and anxious to meet you. Our crew here at the Dalhousie Student Union is hard at work planning this week for you, and can’t wait for you to get here in September!



Cory Larsen

DSU Vice-President (Student Life)


Phone (902) 494-1281

Cory Larsen is a 3rd-year theater studies major with a minor in psychology. Originally from Ottawa, Cory moved to Halifax at the tender age of 12 & 3/4 and fell in love with the city 4 years later. A highly involved union member, Cory has held a wide variety of positions within the DSU including; DASSS VPI, DSU Councillor, O Week Committee member, Student Life Committee member, and SRC member. As well, Cory aims to use his experience being on exchange at the University of Glasgow this past semester in order to create a better student experience at the DSU. During his free time, Cory enjoys petting dogs and being a leo.



David Gautreau

DSU Orientation Week Coordinator


Phone (613) 794-0325

David is from Ottawa, Ontario but moved to Halifax in 2014 following his love for seafood and the ocean. He is starting his 4th year of Community Design and is extremely excited to be involved in O-Week this year as the Orientation Week Programming Coordinator. In his free time, you’ll find David playing hockey, playing guitar, drinking lots of coffee or wearing one of his many flannel shirts. As a two-time O-Week head leader, David loves nothing more than yelling, cheering, getting everyone excited for events and seeing the new friendships form. He can’t wait to meet the new students coming to Dal over the months to come.


dsu_oweek_leaders.jpgThe Leaders

The Orientation Week Leaders are a group of around 200 students who have volunteered to spend the four days of Orientation Week with you, teaching you what it’s like to be a Dal student, showing you around, and making sure you have a good time. They’ll be there to calm your fears, answer your questions, and help create some awesome memories! For residence students, many of these leaders will be students you’ll be living with the whole year long.



committee 2.jpg

The Committee

Dalhousie's Orientation Week Committee is made up of about 30 crazy individuals who have given up their free time this summer to help make the best Orientation Week ever. They help create the ideas and implement them too. You’ll see the committee members around during Orientation Week- they’ll be the ones rushing around ironing out all the last minute details. But don' worry, they’d still love to stop and chat!

Our committee members come from just about every faculty on campus and range from second-year students to fifth-year students. They have a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, but all share a love of O-Week!

Have a question, comment, or concern regarding Dalhousie's Orientation Week? Let our Orientation Week Coordinator know by sending an email to We promise to get back to you quickly, as we hope to make your transition to Dalhousie as smooth as possible!