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Survivor Support


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The Sexual Assault and Harassment Phone Line

You can call the Sexual Assault and Harassment Phone Line at 902-425-1066 between 12:00pm and 12:00am daily, 7 days a week.

The Phone line offers non-judgemental, active listening and support to anyone who has experienced or has been affected by sexualized violence. We are here to listen.


Survivor Support Office

Visit our Survivor Support office on the 3rd floor of the Student Union Building in the Society Hub. 

Survivor Support Manager: Shannon Pringle

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm

Office Number: 902-494-1367



The mandate for Survivor Support Centre: 


To provide a robust DSU-operated support centre dedicated to service delivery, education, and advocacy addressing sexual assault, violence, rape culture and harassment on Campus.



The Survivor Support Centre will:

1) Support survivors through the implementation of a permanent year-round Sexual Assault & Harassment Phone line, providing confidential active listening and information;

2) Advocate for a safer campus and community by lobbying government and the university administration on issues like mandatory consent education and incident reporting. Create and implement campaigns that raise awareness of these issues.

3)  Educate by providing robust training to volunteers, facilitate workshops for DSU members and the broader Dal community to respond to issues of sexualized violence, and collect and provide resources.



We are building a consent culture at Dalhousie because all students have a right to safer campuses. We believe survivors and center their experiences. We recognize that rape culture and gender-based violence affects people differently. We aim to combat all forms of inequality and injustice through an anti-oppressive, feminist framework.



  • This center will student-owned and operated open to people of all genders and experiences of sexual assault, gender-based violence, harassment, and/or rape, whether recent or historic.
  • Survivor-centered support is non-judgemental, trauma-informed, and accessible.
  • We are committed to providing consistent and sustainable support and training to our volunteers.
  • The centre aims to build capacity and collaborate with university and community services.

Membership Advisory and Timeline: Sexual Assault and Harassment Phone Line

                                                                          If you have questions or concerns, please email

Who else can help

Halifax Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner
If you’ve experienced a sexual assault in the last five days, call 902-425-0122.
SANE services are available to people of all ages and genders.

Avalon Sexual Assault Centre
Avalon’s services include therapeutic counseling for women and trans individuals, 16 and older, who’ve experienced sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment.
Avalon also offers information and referrals.
phone: 902-422-4240

Mobile Mental Health Crisis Team
Intervention and short-term crisis management for children, youth and adults experiencing a mental health crisis.
Their phone line can be called from anywhere in Nova Scotia, and they can send the mobile team to respond in-person within most of Halifax Regional Municipality. Their crisis team includes mental health professionals and dedicated police officers.
phone: 902-429-8167
Toll-free: 1-888-429-8167

South House Sexual And Gender Resource Centre
South House offers peer support and informal referrals to Halifax services. Their space is wheelchair accessible, is trans-and-queer-positive, and includes a resource centre and library.
phone: 902-494-2432

Halifax Sexual Health Centre
The Halifax Sexual Health Centre offers clinical services, counseling, and education. Anyone with a valid Nova Scotia health card can access comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care here; this can include assessment, treatment, and counseling with a doctor after a sexual assault.
(If an assault was within the last five days, you may contact SANE nurses instead - see above for their contact details)
phone: 902-455-9656

Dalhousie services and departments

Human Rights, Equity and Harassment Prevention
Confidential service to members of the Dalhousie community seeking advice, support, and
conflict resolution related to harassment or discrimination
phone: 902-494-6672

Dalhousie Health Services
Confidential nursing assessments and referral services for students.
Students can access birth control options and information here, including emergency
contraception (Plan B). Other services available here include both assessment and treatment
for sexually transmitted infections.
phone: 902-494-2171 for Halifax campuses, 902-893-6300 for Agricultural Campus in Truro

Dalhousie Counselling Services
Free, confidential assistance by professionally trained counsellors and registered psychologists.
phone: 902-494-2081

Dalhousie Security
When called, security staff can usually respond to a crisis on campus within 12 minutes or less.
If you’re concerned about crossing paths with someone on campus, Dal Security can also
compare schedules and help you with a safety plan.
phone: 902-494-6400 for Halifax campuses, 902-893-4190 for Agricultural Campus in Truro

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